Installation for UNIX OS

Installation for UNIX OS


  • The installation process needs HPPI installed on the system.
  • The "uncompress" utility is required to get through the installation.
  • "root" permission is required in order to proceed with installation.


Once the SHAR bundle is obtained, the following steps need to be done for installation:

  1. Place the SHAR bundle into any directory, e.g. : "/opt/hpnpl/tmp"
  2. Change the directories to the same path as the file $ cd /opt/hpnpl/tmp/<>
  3. Uncompress the bundle using: $ uncompress <>
  4. Change the permissions of <> so that the script is executable using: $chmod 755 <>
  5. Run the script by using the following syntax: $ sh <>
  6. On success of the above command, the following files will be created & placed in the required locations as mentioned below: (1)The configuration file will reside in /opt/hpnpl/admin/printers, (2) <modelscript_filename> will reside in: On HP-UX - /opt/hpnpl/sh/, On Solaris - /etc/lp/model/hpnpl/, <modelscript_filename>.1 the MAN page will reside in /opt/hpnpl/man/man1/
  7. The configuration file should be run using: $../opt/hpnpl/admin/printers/<configuration_file> ' for default options or $../opt/hpnpl/admin/printers/<configuration_file> <option> ' to set the options where <option> can be any of the following: ask_xlang, modifymenu, showmenu, modifysettings
  8. On success of the configuration setting the user is ready to use the script. The format for usage is as follows :
  • HP_UX:
$<modelscript_filename> <userid> <username> <title> <no_copies> <optionlist> <file> > <targetfile> $hpnpf -x <ipaddress> <targetfile>
Example: $net_cljCM6030MFP 1 lp test 1 "tray1 A4" testfile > test.prn, $hpnpf -x <ipaddress> test.prn
$net_cljCM6030MFP <userid> <username> <title> <no_copies> <optionlist> <file> > <targetfile>
$lp -d <printer name> <target file> 
$net_cljCM6030MFP 1 lp test 1 "tray1 A4" testfile > test.prn
$lp -d < cljCM6030MFP > test.prn

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